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 New Job!

Thank you for choosing AET, we are excited to work with you on your next project!


 Project Scope Review

Your project manager is reviewing the project scope, material requirements and key action items needed to successfully complete your project. This process can take up to 3 business days. Once the project is ready for scheduling, a Project Manager will contact you and verify important information about your project and inform you of a “start window”.


Job Scheduled

Your project manager has given you a start window, and our team is working behind the scenes preparing materials, resources, and execution strategy. If there are any changes to your start window, you will be updated.


Preliminary Job Alignment

Our assistant project manager will be reaching out 2-3 weeks before your scheduled installation, to verify all information pertinent to your project.
After all information has been verified by the APM, a supervisor will coordinate a pre site walk. At the pre site walk, the supervisor will be verifying the job scope at hand and identifying exact locations for the fence and or project layout.


Job in Progress

From the time materials are being delivered, to our teams QA process is considered “Job in progress”. The length of your project may differ based on the size and complexity of the project scope.


Final Walk Through & Payment

After the team does QA on the installation, we are ready to do a final inspection. The purpose of the final inspection is to ensure that the entirety of the project scope has been completed, and that we have properly cleaned up and removed all tools. If there are any discrepancies in the quantity, quality, or workmanship please address these issues during the final walk through so they can be mended.
After a successful final walk through our accounting team will reach out regarding your account balance.

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